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Puck & Plume

I could’ve done without falling asleep in the middle of a Bavarian forest and being startled awake by a massive dude with a mohawk and a beak. Seriously, why did he wait for me to wake up and free him from the stupid trap my teammates told me to set up? They said I’d catch a mythical creature that would take me to its treasure.
He introduces himself as Vee and says, now that I’ve caught him, he’s my mate. What the heck? I don’t want a mate with a beak, no matter how awesome his butt is or how much I want to use his cushy pecs as pillows. When he brings me into the heart of the woods, I’m afraid he’ll hurt me, but thank goodness for Vee, who takes care of me. Now I just need to make it through the night without getting frisky with the chicken dude who rescued me.

I can’t believe I got stuck in that dumb trap, especially when it’s just a flimsy net on a dying branch. The guy snoozing against the oak across the way put it up. I didn’t even need to see the Greek letters on his old shirt. He was the embodiment of an American frat boy. Tourists… They always underestimate the power of Bavarian beer.
I’m tempted to let him sleep. There’s another part of me that’s trying really hard to ignore how hot he is. I don’t even like being around people and trying my best to avoid them. Taking Frat Boy home with me sucks, but I don’t really have a choice. He’s too drunk to get very far without freezing, and I can’t go against the oath I took as a Forest Ranger.

Like a cosy little book nest I want to curl up in.

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