At the end of 2022 I had the crazy idea to start a writing project for 2023.

The rules I set for myself

  • I would create the text on the day itself (if at all possible)
  • I would write a minimum of 250 words (so at least 91250 words in total)
  • I picked the prompts in one go to stop myself from overthinking
  • I could put it into an online grammar checker to eliminate mistakes
  • No editing
  • No research

The obstacles

  • I have ADHD which means I get bored easily
  • I have zero consistency
  • I’ve never before managed to pull off something similar
  • I have two kids, a lot of books to write, a job, a marriage, a fixer upper etc

The benefits

  • Getting more comfortable sharing my writing
  • Stop overthinking and worrying about criticism so much
  • Get to create 365 different story lines (if I wanted to) which helps me not get bored
  • Explore, grow, and learn
  • Have content to share (valid, right?)

I’d be delighted if you joined me, no matter if it’s for a day, a couple of days, weeks, the entire year. Make sure to tag me so I can share your creations 🧡

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