Creatures & Coding Series

Book 1: Mane of my Existenc


Elora always guessed she would end up as a crazy cat lady. Who could have known that the cat in question was a huge Lion man?
Hyperfocus and the urge to prove everybody who ever doubted her wrong made Elora work her butt off to become senior developer at BetaworthIT, one of the UK’s top software agencies.
Her boss adores her for her work ethic and dedication, and Elora has one thing on her mind: climbing the corporate ladder straight to the top.   When she is entrusted with the most important project of her career, the promotion she dreams of is suddenly within reach. The only thing standing in her way is impressing her important client. That, and being stuck in her office day after day with her lion-human hybrid colleague.
Ben Foster is hot and funny, and volunteers to take over the phone calls she hates so much—he’s practically perfect in every way.
Ex-cop Ben likes his job at Betaworth just fine, one of the perks being his colleague Elora. She is kind, smart and beautiful, and his Lion pines for her. What would a woman like her want with him though? As a code monkey in his mid-thirties living alone with two cats, he isn’t exactly prime marriage material.
When they are forced to work closely together, their professional relationship suddenly takes a romantic turn.
Can Ben and Elora overcome their doubts and fears, and find happiness where they never thought to look—right in front of them?


>>Death of a parent/accident
>>Negligence/bad parenting
>>Dark net (not on page)
>>Assault (police, knife, ambulance)/resulting trauma and anxiety
>>Bike accident/hospital
>>Accident of a child/broken bone/loss of consciousness (not on page)
>>Cheating (no committed relationship, grey area)

MANE OF MY EXISTENCE is a human/ monster romance novel with sugar & spice, and a guaranteed HEA

It’s the first book in the CREATURES & CODING series and can be read as a standalone

Book 2: Tiger by the Tail


Elora always guessed she would end up as a crazy cat lady. Who could have known that the cat in question was a huge Lion man?

KAT IS CAPABLE and has her shit together, or so she has everybody believe. When her boss assigns her to a new project—the biggest one yet—she’s determined to prove herself.

What she didn’t expect was a client who not only needs a new online shop but also a place to stay. Where better than the spare bedroom she meant to rent out for ages?
Kat is there every step of the way, helping Roy back on his feet. But is what blooms between them just rebound sex or something deeper? And will he still want her when the shadow surrounding him has finally lifted?
THE STORY OF ROY Sinclair’s life reads like a fairy tale. Half Indian, half Scottish, he was raised by his single mother in a small village on the edge of the Highlands. Blessed in the brawn department, he began his career as a personal coach. Later he founded two successful companies with his business partner Sadeeq.
He’s wealthy enough, has a beautiful partner, a new car and a luxurious lifestyle most people can only dream of. What nobody knows is that he’s harbouring a dark secret. When he crosses paths with Kat McGowan, a no-nonsense software architect with a fondness for dogs, his carefully constructed world begins to crack. But cracks are, after all, how the light gets in.
When Kat offers him a way out of the shit hole that is his life, Roy finds himself at a crossroads. Will he continue living a lie or face the truth and embrace a new beginning?
And if he does, will Kat still be there to support him as he rebuilds his life from the ruin he’s kept hidden for so long?


>>Domestic/emotional abuse
>>Verbal and physical assault
>>All the pregnancies and babies (including talk of having kids to (unsuccessfully) save a marriage)
>>Body dysmorphia
>>Unfaithfulness towards abusive partner
>>Using ending in a different context (”You’re ending me”)

TIGER BY THE TAIL is a human/monster romance novel with sugar & spice, and a guaranteed HEA. It’s the second book in the

CREATURES & CODING series and can be read as a standalone.

Book 3: Zero Fox Given

Coming January 2024

Book 4: The Mane Chance (WT)

Coming 2025


Novella: Cuffing the Tiger

Coming 2024