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In this alternate reality, the creatures and cryptids of myths and legends are real and have peacefully existed alongside humans for centuries.

Set in Kirkmuir, a fictional city on the Scottish east coast (and named the safest city in the country eight times in a row), the series centres around the employees of Betaworth IT.

Together with their Gargoyle CEO, the team of developers, designers, and marketing experts are on a mission to bring great code to the people.

“Creatures & Coding” invites you to embark on an extraordinary journey where passion, monsters, and coding come together to create unforgettable romances.

Explore my series featuring fluffy big boy monsters and discover a new world of enchanting love stories.

I just finished Tiger by the Tail and it was amazing. Hopefully my review will be up soon, but holy guacamole it was soooooooooo good.
I’m absolutely in love with these books 😍


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What to Expect:

  • Big Boy Monsters: Prepare to be charmed by these larger-than-life creatures with hearts as big as their size.
  • Neurodivergent and Mental Health rep: Find yourself represented by the neurospicy characters, and the ones dealing with the challenges life throws at them. Please check the TW for each book!
  • Cosy Atmosphere: Grab your favourite blanket and a cup of coffee to dive into stories perfect for a snug and heartwarming evening.
  • Spicy Romance: Don’t let the cute covers fool you. The stories aren’t just cosy and fluffy, but brimful of open door and outdoor spice.

This book gave me the warm and fuzzies! So adorable and sweet but so spicy at the same time!! Ben is definitely an apex predator in bed! Whew! I love them!


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Just finished this and guys!!!
It’s such a perfect book!
If you like slow burn with high heat, wonderful characters and great writing, read MOME!


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The books you’ll fall in love with:

  • Heart & Heat: All my stories have a healthy dose of scorching hot smut wrapped in all. the. fluff.
  • Characters that feel like friends: Fall in love not only with your next #bookboyfriend but also with the neurospicy, relatable humans they fall in love with
  • Come home to the Rheaverse: “Whenever I start reading, I escape into your world” is what my readers often tell me. Dive in and let me take you away to the bustling city of Kirkmuir, the tech hub in the east, to Kincardie with its cobblestone streets, or to the Lone Fox, a distillery on the tranquil Hall Estate on the edge of the Cairngorms National Park.

Immerse yourself in a world where love knows no boundaries and the animated animal crush from your childhood is real and scorching hot!

What my readers say about Creatures & Coding

I just finished it and omg you did such a great jobbbbbb!!! Good writing great spicy scenes


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Did I know that I needed a lion romance in my life? No I did not, but after reading MOME I can say with 100% certainty that YOU need a lion romance in your life!

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Howling Hearts & Printer Parts

a creatures & coding spinoff novella
Howling Hearts and Printer Parts by Rhea Fox

❤️ Grumpy x Sunshine
❤️ IT-Crowd meets monster smut
❤️ Knotting
❤️ Storeroom fun
❤️ Nerdy & Little Red Riding Hood dirty talk

A MM Hockey & monster romance series
Welcome to the fictional city of Veitsreuth in north of Bavaria!

Meet the players of the Veitsreuth Pumas. Men who know how to handle a stick and don’t fight their demons but fall in love with them.

Book 1: Puck & Plume

  • One giant nocturnal lumberjack
  • One ex frat boy far away from home
  • A few Bavarian beers too many
  • A stupid bet
  • A night time forest
  • A net stolen from the shed of a teammate’s dad
  • What do you mean, mates?

Get the ebook and paperback here:

The series will span 5 standalone novellas.

Fangs on Ice Book 2 is coming later in 2024

What’s coming next?

July 2024:

Ewe got the Love

MF | Shifted fun | He falls first and so hard | Cottage core vibes | Heat/rut | Size difference | Plus size MCs

September 2024:

Corset Dragon

A shy rich Dragon in a corset meets his match in a purple-haired loudmouthed woman

MF | Class difference | He has no game | Autism and ADHD rep | All the chemistry

Autumn 2024

Fangs on Ice Book 2

Forbidden love x a hockey team

MM | Fated mates | Forbidden Love | Troll magic | Mushrooms

November 2024

Hector & Mason’s story

Hot ✨pierced✨ trickster shifter x Grumpy puppy virgin MMCs

MM | Grumpy x Tease | Sulking | Workplace romance | Unhinged chosen family

February 2025

Lewis & Noah’s story

Travel Blogger secures ultra beefy Big Boy as his winter husband for cuffing season. He doesn’t realise the Big Boy still remembers the marriage pact they made as kids.

MM | Fake dating | Brother’s best friend | Size difference

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slice-of-life Monster Romance!

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