Kat & Roy

And one more! This one was done by @stephydrawsart!

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She nodded into the pillow, then hugged it close to her face.

“Good girl. Get yourself something to muffle your screams with.” Kissing down her tailbone, I brought her knees up on the bed so her ass was up in the air. “So gorgeous, baby. Show me that pretty ass of yours, and that perfect pussy.” Cupping my hand over her core, I began to massage it with a firm grip as I trailed my mouth lower.“

The first careful lick of the tip of my tongue over her hole made her jump.


“G-green.” She was shaking already. A feline licking your arse was one of the best feelings I had ever experienced. I kept my strokes light, barely tickling her skin to get her used to the feeling of me.

“Nng.” Moaning into the pillow, she started rubbing herself at my muzzle.

Holy. Shit.

Quickly slicking my thumb in her, I brought it up to her clit, then pushed my tongue inside her tight ass.

“Ohmygod, ohmygod.” She had her face buried in the pillow, but I still heard her perfectly thanks to my heightened sense of hearing. The less coherent her speech got, the more she let me in until I was fucking her with my tongue. Her core contracted under my hand as if it was beckoning me inside too, and I answered its call. She was dripping wet, swollen and tight around my index and middle finger. Curving them down towards her stomach, I fucked her on both fronts, enjoying her body trembling around me, her desperate sobs and the rolling of her hips to try and get even more pleasure out of my touch.

The filthy sounds of my fingers in her pussy were nearly enough to send me over the edge with her.

Never before had I seen anyone succumb to their climax as beautifully as Kat.

Excerpt from Tiger by the Tail ©Rhea Fox, 2024