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Howling Hearts & Printer Parts

Coming on 8 February 2024

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After searching for ages, Amelia finally found herself a new job. Now she won’t have to live off cheap Ramen for the rest of her life!

Her new position as the personal assistant of the CEO of a prestigious real estate firm comes with a catch. It involves a lot more work with computers and printers than she anticipated. 

Mia might be amazing with words and great at managing an office but tech has been her sworn nemesis since forever.


Every time his phone rings Desmond Murray sends a prayer to the heavens that it isn’t Carson’s new secretary yet again.

The woman is useless with a computer and even worse at handling printers. Why anyone this dreadful would get a job in an office is a mystery to him. Not even the delicious shortbread she keeps in a tin in her desk drawer can sweeten the bitter taste of his resentment.

When he encounters her crying in the storeroom, he finds himself agreeing to give her one-on-one computer lessons. He might make himself redundant but not having to deal with her on a daily basis might just be worth the extra effort.

This 150 page novella in the Creatures & Coding universe has sugar & spice, a guaranteed HEA, and can be read as a standalone.

Fangs on Ice

Book One. Spring/Summer 2024


Yikes, falling asleep in a Bavarian forest and then getting suddenly woken up by this huge guy with a mohawk and a beak was not part of the plan. I don’t get it. Why did he wait for me to wake up and free him from the stupid trap my teammates made me set up? They promised me I’d catch a mythical creature that would lead me to its treasure.

He introduces himself as Vee and declares that he’s my mate now that I’ve caught him. What the hell? I ain’t interested in a mate, no matter how amazing his butt is or how badly I wanna use his cushy pecs as pillows.

I’m afraid he’ll hurt me when he brings me into the woods, but he doesn’t. Vee takes good care of me. Now I just gotta get through the night without getting too flirty with the chicken guy who saved my ass.


I can’t believe I got stuck in that dumb trap. It’s literally a flimsy net on a dying branch. The guy napping by the oak put it up. I didn’t even have to see the Greek letters on his faded shirt to know he’s the epitome of a frat bro. Tourists… Bavarian beer is way more powerful than they think.

I’m tempted to just let him sleep. Another part of me is struggling to ignore his hotness. I don’t even like people and I do my best to stay away from them. Bringing the frat boy home is a drag, but I don’t have a choice. He’s too wasted to go anywhere without freezing, and I can’t break the oath I made as a Forest Ranger.

FANGS ON ICE centres around the fictional hockey team Veitsreuth Pumas and takes place in the Fichtel Mountains in the north of Bavaria, Germany. This M/M novella is the first book in the series. It has lots of sugar and spice, a guaranteed HEA, and can be read as a standalone.

Two unnamed novellas

#1 Standalone urban monster romance novella in the Creatures & Coding universe (Spring/Summer 2024)

What’s in it? Hot Dragon in a corset looking for a human to be his live-in groupie meets his match in a purple haired no BS barista.

#2 Standalone Cottagecore novella in the Creatures & Coding universe (Summer 2024)

What’s in it? The new seller at a farmer’s market gets off to a bad start with the guy manning the stall next to hers, who is SO infuriating and an apex predator in sheep’s clothing—a hard pass for this herbivore shifter— but also super hot. 

Pook Me 

Book 1. Coming in Autumn 2024


Joining the diverse staff of BetaworthIT comes with a heap of benefits, but there’s one downside that drives me up the wall—my colleague, Mason. With his tantalising body, infuriatingly beautiful face, and relentless bickering, Mason seems to have made it his goal in life to do my head in. But why the change in behaviour lately? He suddenly treats me so disgustingly sweet it gives this wolf toothache. And why does he undress me with his eyes during work meetings? 

It’s not like I have time to ponder the Pooka. As the youngest son of an unsupportive family, trapped in suffocating debt, and living in a cramped flat I am working my tail off to better my life without handouts from my manipulative dad. And why would I? There is no way hot, successful Mason Grant is interested in me, and that is even without him knowing my deepest secret. 

When I corner him in a dark corridor to call him out on his BS, Mason says things I cannot believe. How am I supposed to know if it’s safe for me to knock down my walls around him? It’s not like that ever worked out for me in the past.

MASON Can’t that stubborn, grumpy puppy have mercy on me at last? Despite working side by side with him for months, I am nowhere near my ultimate goal—winning Hector’s heart. Not that I would say no to starting with his bed. 

As my inner demon grows restless, I decided a change in tactics was in order. Perhaps showering Hector with kindness will finally catch his attention. Surely not even my wolf colleague can deny the irresistible magnetism pulling us towards each other—an enigmatic force of nature that brings me dangerously close to surrendering to my desires, even within the confines of the office.

Somehow he doesn’t believe I am actually interested, and while he gives me his consent, his body speaks another language. How can I make him see just how gorgeous he is and that the demon and I are will not rest until we have made him ours.

This M/M romance is the first short novel in a series of three books full of sugar and spice. Both the series and book titles will be announced mid 2024. It can be read as a standalone and has a guaranteed HEA.

Cuffing the Tiger

A Creatures & Coding short novel. Coming in winter 2024/25


I should have chosen a better time to come back to Scotland after living in a tropical paradise for a few years. October sucks. Rain starts up as soon as I step off the plane and neither the overwhelming feeling nor the idea of staying in my parents’ crappy guest house until my visa gets renewed is helping my mood.

It’s even more of a letdown when my brother says his best friend is giving us a ride. Lewis and I were buddies until I started dating other folks and he made their lives a living nightmare. But gosh darn it! He’s seriously hot now, and I need some new content for social media, so I’m considering making him my cuffing season husband. A little fun never hurt nobody, am I right?

Lew is a whole new person. He’s solid, serious, and the best boyfriend ever, even if he’s not real. Being with him for a few weeks makes my years in Bali seem like a big disappointment. I don’t wanna leave and let him go, but I had my reasons for leaving. I wanted to show I could handle things alone, far from my family. Even thinking about staying makes me feel like a failure…


Noah still has a hold on me after all these years. He was my first kiss, and the pack we made as kids still stands. If we were both single at thirty, we’d get married. That’s what we promised on a pinky swear. And they’re pretty much the law, right?

When Ollie tells me his brother is coming home for the next few months and with Noah’s thirtieth birthday a couple months away, it’s now or never.

When we go get him from the airport, all the feelings I’ve had for him come rushing back. I forget about them momentarily when I find out where he’s staying.

I’m not normally angry, but the way his family treats him really makes my blood boil. He’s got nothing to eat, no warm clothes for the brutal Scottish autumn, and I go into full-on protection mode. A nice welcome home meal and some company are a start, but what Noah really needs is social media content that brings in the dough. I don’t even know how it happens, but now I’m agreeing to fake being his boyfriend, and we’ve got this whole list of fake dates that his followers are gonna go crazy for.

Maybe I can make this fake thing real and convince him to stay. He made a pinky promise after all…

CUFFING THE TIGER is a M/M short novel in the Creatures & Coding series. It has lots of sugar & spice, a guaranteed HEA, and can be read as a standalone.