Howling Hearts & Printer Parts

A Creatures & Coding Spinoff Novella


After searching for ages, Amelia finally found herself a new job. Now she won’t have to live off cheap Ramen for the rest of her life!

Her new position as the personal assistant of the CEO of a prestigious real estate firm comes with a catch. It involves a lot more work with computers and printers than she anticipated. 

Mia might be amazing with words and great at managing an office but tech has been her sworn nemesis since forever.


Every time his phone rings Desmond Murray sends a prayer to the heavens that it isn’t Carson’s new secretary yet again.

The woman is useless with a computer and even worse at handling printers. Why anyone this dreadful would get a job in an office is a mystery to him. Not even the delicious shortbread she keeps in a tin in her desk drawer can sweeten the bitter taste of his resentment.

When he encounters her crying in the storeroom, he finds himself agreeing to give her one-on-one computer lessons. He might make himself redundant but not having to deal with her on a daily basis might just be worth the extra effort.

This novella in the Creatures & Coding universe has sugar & spice, a guaranteed HEA, and can be read as a standalone.

Howling Hearts and Printer Parts by Rhea Fox