Mane of my Existence

Rhea Fox - Mane of my Existence - Novel

Content Warnings below!


Her dad always said that girls didn’t work with Computers, but Elora fought hard to prove him wrong. At only 25 Elora is lead developer at one of the UK’s top software agencies. Her colleagues adore her, she loves her job, and is proud of everything she built for herself despite her funny brain. Well, everything except for her love life, that boils down to unsatisfying bedroom activities with Colton, who she keeps at arm’s length, and way too much time spent on PeenHub. 

When her boss entrusts her with the most important project he’s ever secured, she suddenly finds herself cooped up in her office for hours on end with Ben, her older colleague. Soon sparks begin to fly between her and the massive lion-human-hybrid.
Lo always knew that she would end up as a crazy cat lady, but she never thought the cat in question was going to be a three hundred and fifty pound lion, and she needs to decide if Ben is worth overcoming her crippling fear of commitment before it’s too late.


Anxiety made Ben give up his job as a cop, and train as a software developer. His job at Betaworth is great, one of the perks being his colleague Elora. She’s clever, and beautiful, and carries a certain sadness that calls to his saviour complex. All he wants to do is keep her safe and sated.
Ben’s not fooling himself though. What could a bright young woman like her want with him, a 35-year old code monkey living alone with two cats? 

But no matter how hard he tries, not even he can ignore the growing tension between them. With no outlet thanks to their heavy workload things soon threaten to boil over. But then something happens that makes him question whether it’s just physical attraction that keeps him up—all day long… or if true love might still be in the books for him.

Content Warnings
  • Death of a parent/ accident
  • negligence/ bad parenting
  • Dark net/ SA (not on page)
  • assault (police, knife, ambulance)/ resulting trauma and anxiety
  • bike accident/ hospital
  • accident of a child/ hospital/ broken bone/ loss of consciousness (not happening on page)
  • cheating (in a friends with benefits constellation, not in a committed relationship)