Zero Fox Given

Content Warnings below!


Finding out that your childhood sweetheart is alive after thinking he was dead for most of your life is a rollercoaster of emotions for savvy marketing expert Maddie. And Schrödinger’s fox? He is still the most dashing guy she has ever seen.

Maddie and her dad left her childhood Scottish town fifteen years ago. She’s back to rescue another business in trouble. It’s personal this time. Lone Fox Distillery is owned by Fitz, her first love.

She left, leaving their unfinished story behind. Maddie is about to turn the page once more.


Inheriting the family distillery and restoring its past glory was Fitz’s one goal in life. But after spending a lot of money on the business, it’s still not making enough cash and he’s in a really tough spot.

Luckily, Betaworth CEO Dex Murphy has the perfect woman for the job. The moment Fitzgerald lays eyes on her, he knows it’s her. His childhood bestie who moved away and never replied to his letters.

But help comes too late. Fitz has to borrow more money from his grandfather, but there’s a catch. If his wedding is the first one at the Distillery in thirty years, he gets the loan.

He reluctantly agrees when Maddie offers to play his wife for a year. Marrying his friend and marketing manager is a bad idea, but what else can he do?

They embark on a journey that will push their hearts to the limit. Can Maddie and Fitz leave their past behind and create a fresh start for the distillery and themselves?

Content Warnings
  • Ableism (internal and external)
  • Alcohol consumption (possibly unhealthy, used to calm nerves)
  • Glorification of meds
  • Trauma (both for patient and carer (mother))
  • Hospitalisation and rehab
  • Childhood sickness (infection, including artificial coma, hallucinations, physical and mental long term effects, needing intensive care)
  • Authoritarian person
  • Classism
  • Ageism