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Meet Ransom & Vaughn

The prompt: A teacher is universally loved but hates absolutely everything about the students and other teachers. The teacher struggles with this every day and eventually bursts in a comedic but tragic way.

His breath hitched in his throat, and oh god, it was probably the worst idea of my life, blowing my former student/ now colleague in a dim hallway where anyone who walked past could see us. But I didn’t care, at all, when I let him slide into my mouth. 

Oh fuck. He wasn’t huge, but so thick that he stretched my lips wide, his barbs stinging on my flesh. I gave a desperate moan around his cock, sucking him hard, letting my tongue slide up his shaft and over his head. “Fuck yeah, baby,“ he growled, strong fingers threading through my hair. “Mmm,“ I groaned again, taking him still deeper, then moving back up and teasing his slit again.

“God, if you keep doing that, I won’t last long, oh fuck, Ransom,“ he hissed, claws scraping my scalp as I swallowed him down my throat, taking all of him, my nose pressed into the fluffy fur at his groin. Hollowing my cheeks I began to move on his cock, my own straining in my boxers. Not for long though. “I’m, oh shit, baby.“ With a deep growl, his hips canted forward and he came, his hands on my head pressing my nose into his fur. Fuck, his scent and sweet taste on my tongue nearly had me come alongside him.